Thursday, July 27, 2006

Its been a while...

My last post was more than 2 months ago and I have no excuse. Other than the regular first trimester ills. The morning, rather all day, sickness was bad but has gotten much better. The headaches have not really gotten better. But thankfully I am able to take tylenol.

On the brighter side, the doc did find two little babies in my uterus. I was very excited but not really surprised since we did do IVF with ICSI with assisted hatching. I hate the question "so do twins run in your family". Luckily, I can say they do. My brother has twins. Which is a good answer for those who don't know that twins are carried by the maternal side. Also, my mom says that she miscarried twins. But that was so long ago and who really knows. I also have twin cousins. So far, for those who don't know we did ICSI, its a fine answer.

The babies seem to be doing well. I was able to hear the heart beats at the doctor's office. I'm suppose to go in for a 2-D ultrasound in a few weeks. Hopefully by then they will be able to determine their genders.

We are truly thankful for these babies.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Now I can breath

Well Im pregnant and so happy that it finally worked. My numbers are:

14dp3dt 414
16dp3dt 1461
18dp3dt 4437.

The most dominant symptom during my 2ww was cramping. I was cetain that they did not implant. There were days when I was miserable. IVF is really one of the most stressful things that a woman can go through. I go in for U/S every week till about 7 weeks. I've never been one for long posts.

Friday, April 28, 2006


I had the retrieval yesterday. I didn't as well as I had hoped. They were only able to retrieve 13 eggs. You may think that's a decent number but I had 29 last time. However, our fertilization ratios last time were awful. Last year, of the 29 that were retrieved only 19 fertilized and of those only 3 made it to the day 3 transfer. I'm really trying to think positive. I friend told my that I need to visualize becoming pregnant. Send myself messages that I will become pregnant. I'm trying. I also bought some pineapple. A fellow IVFer told me that it increases the chances of implantation. Also, they gave me a Valium for the day of transfer, they say it relaxes the uterus. If you have any bits of advice, please share them. Also, the anesthesia made me really sick this time. I know I didn't feel this way last time. Finally, I go in for the blood beta HCG on May 14th, yes Mothers Day.

Monday, April 24, 2006

E2 the latest

Here are my numbers thus far:

E2: 226, 656, 1016, 2335
day: 3 5 7 9

I've been feeling short of breath so the MD here prescribed me Xanax but the coordinator at the center said that it isn't a good idea to take anything unless I'm having a severe anxiety attack. For now I'm just practicing full breathing techniques. Hey, I'm hoping to trigger later this week.

On a more bothersome point. My H and I over heard the secretary very loudly say "ching ching , that's all cash" on the phone this weekend. She was referring to some new program the center is starting and apparently trying to tell some staff member how much money they will be making. I told my doctor here about the incident and he apologized and said he would speak to someone at the center. To tell you truth I always knew that money was "The Motivating" factor at this center. Hey, its probably true at most reproductive centers. I really don't care I just want to get pregnant. However, I still think the secretary needs to practice better phone discretion.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ultrasound number one

I went in today for my first ultrasound while on stimulants. As I was walking in I found a baby's jacket. Then of course I thought to myself that's got to be a good sign. Then I quickly remembered how many , what I thought were good signs, signs did I pickup or see last time and still ended up with a BFN. So I quickly handed it to the lady at the front desk and tried not to think about things in the "sign realm". My estradiol level was 226 but my doctor saw no follicle activity. But I'm not sure if this doctor is very accurate when it comes to ultrasounds. Remember, I go to a satellite clinic and go to the real reproductive clinic on weekends when I need an ultrasound or for the major stuff like the retrieval and transfer. I was with him last time I did IVF so I know he knows what he is doing despite his inaccuracies. I go in Thursaday for more of the same stuff. I did make an appointment for a hair cut and color that day...oh well. Maybe I can go in next week.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Off and running

Well, I finally started the stimulating meds on Saturday. It goes like this: 5 units of Lupron, 10units of Ovidrel and 150amps of Follistim plus a baby aspirin and pre-natal vitamin. Lately, I been having trouble sticking myself. The needle doesn't want to go in. I'm trying on my stomach. I'm not sure if I'm too tense or just not doing it right. I've had to take the tip out a few times before finally getting it right. I know that sounds odd but its true. I go in tomorrow for blood work and ultrasound. I think that's the worst part of it. Especially when the blood work and U.S. are, which almost always happens, at different times in the day. Which I think is due to the fact that I go to a satellite clinic in the red neck backwards town where I live. At this point it looks like the transfer might be at the end of the month...woohoooooooooo.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Lupron Cycle

As predicted I am on the Lupron cycle again. I was hoping to try the Antagon protocol but my estradiol numbers were not cooperating. Too be more specific im on the Long Lupron protocol, this means that I will be taking lupron for 2 whole weeks. Which means the transfer will not be til the first week in May. I've posted a few questions on f.f. asking which protocol repeat IVFers have had success with. Most have said that the Antagon protocol gave them fewer but healthier follicles. At this point there isnt much I can do. I did read some articles that stated that there is a Lupron/Antagon protocol. I may ask may RE about it. So here I go again, wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.